i am my photograph

I AM MY PHOTOGRAPH, (2004/5), time offset continuous video loops, CRT monitors, stereo audio, WICC IMB WICC, St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Valletta, Malta, 2012



I AM MY PHOTOGRAPH is a document of a series of still portraits taken daily over the span of around two years and reworked as a seamlessly loopable morph through digital technology.  It is a work that seeks to question our perception self-identity and its change over time and focuses on the alterity of the self within the malleable digital space. On an corporeal level, the work reflects on issues of immortality, identification and linear continuity through its mediatic process that rather than documenting the linearity of time, digitally stitches pockets of instantaneity as nodal milestones for physical change. I AM MY PHOTOGRAPH is a digital reincarnation of the various selves of our daily existence – a narcissistic attempt at perpetuity embodied within the endlessness of the loop.


Part documentation from the DAILY PORTRAIT series