OUTLAND is a video, audio and water installation which is being prepared for the Malta Pavilion, Venice Art Biennale, 2019. It uses the myth of Calypso and Ulysses to reinterpret, in contemporary imagery and sound, the duality of the character of Calypso, as lover and oppressor, as she offers a haven for Ulysses during the seven years of his harbouring in her cave. It focuses on the indecisiveness of man as he longs to return to his original life, caught between the safety of an island and the peril of sea crossing.

Through multiple films, the installation explores the numbness and the lure of safety, the obsession of keeping someone hostage and the longing for freedom.

On OUTLAND film set

On OUTLAND film set


Credits for Outland

 Director:  Vince Briffa

Actors:   Paul Portelli, Sandra Mifsud

Poem:  Immanuel Mifsud

Voices:  Paul Portelli, Angele Galea

Music/Soundscape:  Michael Alcorn

Still Photography: Jon Wrigley

Video Cameraman: Jean Pierre Gatt

Drone photography: Edouard Tabone Demarco

Underwater photography: Enrique Talledo

Props: Vince Briffa, Aaron Bezzina, Matthew Galea

Post production: Vince Briffa

Colour grading: Jon Wrigley

Copyright: Vince Briffa



Heritage Malta

Department of Digital Arts, University of Malta

The Maritime Museum, Malta

The Museum of Archaeology, Malta

Malta Film Studios