NAR-NIR (for AB)

NAR-NIR (for AB), text, plastic, paint, steel, CCTV cameras, CRT monitors, Human Matter exhibition, MSA galleries, Valletta, 2017


NAR-NIR (for ab)

The work appropriates Alighiero Boetti’s (AB) concern with colour and language structures in his body of work I Colori (1972) to caricaturise the partisan divide of red and blue.

Through a mediatic silencing of RGB values to grayscale, the work becomes a metaphor for the indistinguishability of both extremes when reduced to their fundamental monotone, sentencing the colourful attributes* to voiceless obscurity.

* Nar and Nir are absolute adjectives of the red and blue colours in the Maltese language; “aħmar nar”, “ikħal nir”

The installation forms part of a larger body of work concerning the caricaturisation of confrontation.