PANED WINDOW (Min hu barra, barra u min hu ġewwa, ġewwa), Interactive sound sculpture, White Matter exhibition, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta, 2017


Paned window (min hu barra, barra u min hu gewwa, gewwa)

There is always a window that consciously separates the outside from the inside. Its thin pane of glass is (our) hope. It provides (our) false sense of security.

Perhaps this inside-out dichotomy is never reconciled except in the safety of (our) passive memory.

Like a shaft of light entering a windowpane, this work upsets this false stability as it equally feeds on the casual and the causal activities happening both within the walls of the gallery as well as in the public space outside it to exist.

This installation forms part of a larger body of work concerning the caricaturisation of confrontation.