PHOTO FINISH, PAL single channel video, stereo audio, 16' 40", 2004 - 2011



Photo Finish is a work that examines the relationship between time and the human body. Three ex-athletes relate the glory of bygone days when their bodies were at their prime. The work is presented in a style reminiscent of the photo finish camera’s viewpoint, and exudes an imperceptible sadness with the unfolding of each story as told by the already deteriorated bodies of the raconteurs. One by one, they fall out of vision as their story ends, with the only winner being the reality of time’s ravages.

PHOTO FINISH, PAL, KB Galerie, Kaposvár, Hungary 20i6


PHOTO FINISH, (Reconfigured version for BODYWORKS exhibition entitled SPIRAL) PAL, three single channel videos, stereo audio, The Powerhouse, Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Cyprus, 2004